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I truly believe in the potential of all people.

Imagine what happens when we take that potential and multiply it when we bring people together. The possibilities are endless, we just need to create the opportunity. The Potential Project is just that – an opportunity for folks to come together and realize their individual and collective potential.

Carly Ferguson, Founder

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We create transformative experiences for organizations by providing growth opportunities and facilitating guided interactions to develop and strengthen trust, communication, teamwork, leadership and morale.

The Potential Project utilizes group teambuilding challenges and initiatives in order to maximize potential for personal and inter-relational growth within an organization. It is based on the 3-C’s approach of developing community, and creating connections and camaraderie within a group. We facilitate activities that can address burn out, retention issues and job satisfaction. The Potential Project allows individuals to develop rapport and learn de-stressing techniques to create an overall more positive atmosphere within an organization.


About Carly

Carly has her M.A. from West Virginia University in Secondary Education and a M.S. in Recreation, Parks and Tourism Resources Management from WVU as well. She has extensive experience traveling the world as well as living and working abroad, and her prior experience as an Outward Bound Instructor has inspired her in leading professional development and team building exercises.

Over the last 15 years, Carly has worked with over 10,000 individuals from every age group and background in countless outdoor settings, honing her message and craft. She has found experience to be the greatest teacher because it gives us first hand knowledge which allows us to grow and learn.

She believes the use of the outdoors as a venue is a major differentiator from the typical Corporate America team building which typically involves power-points in conference rooms and a “here we go again” sentiment by employees. This coupled with her professional background and programming help create the shake up that allows individuals a chance to develop different relationships with their coworkers.

All these factors help give individuals the confidence to get out of their comfort zone while raising awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses which inevitably builds stronger teams.

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Uniquely designed to address your group’s needs and hone their potential.

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