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Connection Guide

Remember, bringing people together is really what it’s all about and the common denominator is – PEOPLE! That is your focus! Of course, the Golden Rule, treating others as you’d like to be treated should always apply when working with others, but here are a few additional proven tips to make meaningful connections with your group.

Pro-tip: Don’t try all of the suggestions below at once, set reasonable and achievable goals for your group.

Learn names and use them!

Ensuring that group members learn and use each other’s name creates a sense of community, belongingness, and engagement.

Set group culture tone… if you don’t the group members will.

Establishing group norms for group interactions and dynamics helps group members understand and connect with what matters and is important to the group.

Teach leaders to be mentors.

Guiding group leaders to be mentors, rather than managers, cultivates an environment of learning, positive interaction, and community.

Schedule regular and meaningful one-to-ones.

Setting aside individualized meeting time allows groups members to feel seen and heard. They provide focused connection time and develop stronger relationships between leadership and group members.

Connect people to purpose.

Having a sense of purpose helps group members feel that their work or contribution is important and in turn, improves their engagement and motivation.

Group member recognition.

Create habits of recognition and celebration, so that group members feel appreciated for their contributions and work.

Create positive group bonding experiences.

Creating group bonding experiences not only builds camaraderie, but creates opportunities for group members to better understand each others strengths, weaknesses, and interests – leading to more productive and cohesive teamwork.

Brainstorm together.

Including group members on decision making and brainstorming of group projects and experiences help them feel like they belong and are valuable to the team.

Empathy is key! And perspective. Take a minute to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Exercising empathy can create better understanding between group members and offers a sense of how your actions and decisions impact others.

Make time for fun – incorporate games and time for reflection.

Providing time for fun and reflection lets group members relax and process. It can be a good way to de-stress, as well as take time to think about and better understand and connect with group experiences.

Take our Connection Guide with you and share it with your group!

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