Carroll Community College

“I have had the privilege to work with Carly Ferguson on several projects and in different capacities.  After being a participant in her leadership training, as a member of the business community, I quickly figured out ways to incorporate her expertise and experience into my programming with college students.  Carly’s programming is always hands-on and very interactive.  She challenges each of the participants to push their own boundaries, while also supporting a ‘challenge by choice’ mentality.  I’ve worked with her on high ropes and low ropes courses, wilderness challenges, as well as introspective, reflective journaling exercises. 

The time and energy that Carly put into the preparation, facilitation, and evaluation of every event was amazing! She personalized every activity to help me to achieve my goals for the group.  She spends time getting to know the participants and usually knows their names within the first hour! She’s truly gifted in her communication and leadership style.  My college students were always drawn in to Carly- she invited them to get to know themselves better through physical and introspective activities.  At the end of every day, she spent time helping the group to reflect on the day’s opportunities for growth and challenges. 

I would recommend Carly Ferguson to facilitate any leadership program! I’ve seen her succeed with a multitude of ages, too- from middle school to middle-aged business people.  If you have the opportunity to engage Carly with your group, you’ll never regret it!”

Dr. Kristie Crumley
Associate Provost
Carroll Community College, Student Affairs & Marketing